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28 Nisan 2017
Digital Tutors – Visibility and Layouts in AutoCAD
29 Nisan 2017
Tümünü Göster

Professional Site Design and Plan Production in AutoCAD

Throughout this AutoCAD tutorial we’ll explore the use of 2D drafting tools to produce a professional commercial site design with civil engineering plan production.

We’ll start by using an appropriate drawing template for civil engineering projects using the US Imperial dimensional units, and we’ll also reference our existing conditions survey that is set to a real-world coordinate system.

We’ll then pull in the project architect’s building design and begin laying out the surrounding site features such as sidewalks, access drives, and parking areas. We’ll finish by setting up a plan sheet, dimensioning the site features, adding text and leader annotations and plotting our plans to PDF files.

By the end of this AutoCAD training, you’ll have a strong focus on drafting and design efficiency by using the appropriate AutoCAD draw or modify tools for the job at hand.